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I know for a fact that my 3 busy kiddos aren't up for 45 minutes of sitting, smiling and posing. It is also not how I would want to document my own family during this precious time. So, here at EHP it is all about fun, games and those families with a whole lotta love to show.

I am so passionate about documenting allllll of the things that come with raising a young family. If that means strawberry juice dripping down the chin of your little one when we are having a snack break then lock it in. If that means building sandcastles on the beach and getting soaked by a rouge wave then lock it in. If that means capturing you loving on your kids in the present moment then, you guessed it. Lock. It. In.

We all know time is a thief. As mums we'd be rich if we had a dollar for anytime someone said that to us. So I will let you in on a little secret, yes time is a thief but I can help you pause time for a moment in these precious little things called photos.

I am not striving for perfect images, I am striving to capture your family doing what you love together and to me, nothing is more perfect than that. I want you to look back on these time stamps and adore them for many generations to come. You only regret the photos you don't have. Again, we'd be rich if we had a dollar for every time we hear that!

Check out this session...

We decided to do it at sunrise, ahem yes, it was in fact a school day BUT a fun morning at the beach to capture all the things this family love to do. It doesn't have to be fancy or planned to a tee. Gorgeous memories can be created in an instant.

No two sessions are the same.

Documenting your family doing what you LOVE is my number one priority for your family session.

If that means bringing along any props that help to tell your family story then please do. Some examples include a surf board, guitar, footy or hula hoop then please do!

EHP Family Sessions

Sunshine Coast Family Sessions


- 60 - 90 minute photo session with Elli
- In home or outdoor location
- Access to all prep guides
- Session fee of $250
- Online gallery of 60+ images to purchase from

Digital + Print Collections start at $500 with most families investing $1450.

The process

Book and prep

Get in touch via the contact form or book directly online here. The $250 session fee secures your date. Then the fun starts where we plan the location, timing and outfits with full access to all of my client guides.

the session

We chat in the week leading up to your session and then again on the day. This allows for any wet weather changes and to confirm the details. We meet at the chosen location and have a fabulous time making memories together.


Your gallery is delivered 2 weeks after our session together via an online zoom meeting or emailed links. You will first view a slideshow of your images followed by the private viewing gallery where you can make your selections.

Choose and print

Choose the images that you absolutely love and cannot live without from your gallery and align these to a package. Use the print store voucher to order tangible keepsakes for your home.

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