AirBnB Photography on the sunshine coast

AirBnB is a thriving market on the Sunshine Coast right now and a large portion of my work is made up of photographing properties for content and for listings. And, I LOVE it! I have always been addicted to interiors so being able to photograph beautiful spaces is truly a highlight of the job.

Here are my top tips to set your AirBnB apart.

Add a human element to your photos

This is a huge one for me and makes the images SO much more personal. It allows the viewer (hopefully your future guests) to imagine themselves in your property. There are loads of ways to do this and here are some examples:

  • Slow shutter with a person walking through the room. The room is crisp and the person is blurry
  • Person sitting on chair/lounge/stool with back to camera with a view in focus
  • Hands holding a prop that could be a magazine, drink, beach towel or anything else you can think of
  • From above view if you can looking down with people in the scene - this is a great one for by the pool
  • I also love to capture a 'through the front door' photo

The options truly are endless. The person in the photos could be you or someone else you've roped in. Often AirBnB Hosts are happy to do this or they will bring someone along who can be that person.

Use styling details to make the home feel lived in

Think of beach towels hanging on hooks rather than folded neatly. The tea towel hung loosely over the kitchen sink rather than hanging stark on the oven handle. A set up board game on the table. A cup of coffee next to the coffee machine. Pool toys in the pool.

Yes all of these things require more effort on the day of your photos but as above, it really allows the future guests to picture themselves there, in your home, doing those things.

Of course the regular styling details like balance, contrast and colour still matter but the crux of this should all be done in the lead up to your session. On the day it is all about showing off your home through the smaller details and putting in the extra effort to make it shine.

Declutter as much as you can

Decluttering is important for photo day as any unnecessary bits and pieces can detract from the overall look of the place. Put anything that is not needed away in cupboards. Preparing your house is always more effort than anyone describes but here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast it is SO worth it! Getting your place ready is basically on par with moving out of a rental and having the landlord from hell doing your final inspection. Don't let that deter you... It is the best excuse for decluttering and removing all that unwanted stuff that just seems to accumulate so easily in this day and age. We recently prepped out house for AirBnB and now the place feels so light and ordered. I love it!

Second to this is that you want your photos to be a true reflection of how the home will look when guests arrive. So if you will only have 3 throw cushions on the couch instead of your regular 7, then have it set up that way for photos. Likewise with any linen or towels, ideally we want photograph what the guests will see and use.

Lifestyle photos of the surrounding areas

Take the viewers of your listing on a journey, not only of your property but also of the areas surrounding your home that they will be exploring themselves. This could be nature attractions like the beach or bush, or the local strip of cafes. You want the potential guests to feel as though they can imagine themselves in your home and surrounds. And above all else, this is just a really great way to showcase the area your guests will be staying in and allow them to better plan their holiday. A highlight reel of all the fun things they can see and do if you will.

Special features

If your property has any special features then it probably goes without saying, but I am going to say it anyway, that they are an absolute must to be photographed and included in the story of your AirBnB. Some special features could include:

  • bikes for use - electric or pedal
  • spa, sauna, ice bath
  • outdoor bath
  • viewing deck
  • surfboard or sporting equipment for use

This is by no means an extensive list! To me the whole idea of AirBnB was to give people the option to say somewhere that isn't your run of the mill hotel/motel/apartment so it makes sense that people want to learn more about the individuality of your home and what makes it unique.

I hope that helps to point out some tips and tricks that I look for when photographing your property for AirBnB. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me an email at