In the comfort of your own home, the depth of your storytelling session is elevated

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My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.

For some families in home sessions feel like the natural course of action whilst for others they come with many question marks. The four walls that your in home session occur in add more than you could image to your images. It's the painting of your grandmothers' on the wall in the background of the lounge room pillow fight photos. Ya know? I'm here to answer any queries or hesitations you have about in home sessions.

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How do I know if my home is suitable for a photography session?

Well, first up... the fact that it is your home makes it entirely suitable for an in home session. Many families I know in this stage of life are either in their forever home or renovating their forever home.

Fun fact - the forever home concept is so foreign to me. The longest I've stayed in the one house before getting itchy feet is 3.5 years.

But I do understand where you are coming from. Some of the most common barriers that I hear in relation to in home sessions are as follows:

  • My house is too messy
  • The house isn't finished or we are mid renovation
  • I'm not sure about the light inside

And here are the work around ideas that I know work...

  • I get the mess, we all have it and no one that I know is able to keep their home at 'open home' level 24/7... and if yours is, then I want your secrets! BUT the truth is we don't photograph every single corner of your home. In the lead up to your in home session I ask you to pick out a few rooms where you think the light is best. Once you have these parts of your home picked out then you can work on having them semi tidy for the session. The other hidden beauty of in home photography is that the background of your images, more often than not is deliberately blurry so it all just blends together.
  • When using the rooms you've selected during your photo session, I always position you closest to the window (or light source) and if that means moving a few furniture items around to have access to the light then I hope you are okay with that. The focus is on the relationships between you and your loved ones but as outlined above, the four walls can add whole new layer of depth to your family story.

IMagine yourself 10 years from now...

'And this photo here, this is the home we brought you back to after birthing you'


'Right here, you took your first steps right there in that photo by the bay window'

Pretty darn cool if you ask me

Elli brought a calm, casual vibe to our in home, newborn/family photography session - which created a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere! She worked wonders with our 2 & 4 year olds with secret whispers and games!

We absolutely LOVE the photos she produced - capturing our transition to a family of 5 perfectly!! The details she saw and snapped of our beautiful newborn are amazing - we are so thankful & can’t recommend her highly enough!!!


Are you an interiors lover (ahem addict) like me?

My in home sessions also extend to documenting your space as well as your family.

Think of the editorial type photos you see in home magazine (chefs kiss) and that is the look I am going for if you have a home you are proud of and have literally poured your own blood, sweat and tears into. You only have to do a quick search on Instagram to know that we are a house proud bunch so if you fall into this category (I know this isn't everyone) then I capture a series of interiors images showcasing your home as well as your family in these spaces.

Given my love of interiors it is no surprise that I am so passionate about this avenue of in home sessions.

Check out this session...

A session in Camp Hill, Brisbane that was full of newborn snuggles and all the toddler action too. You can notice the big lounge room window in one of the photos which is where we spent most of our time except when outdoors.

Family and LIfestyle PHOTOGRAPHY

What about these fun ideas?

One of the best things about an in home session is that you have complete creative control over your session. I absolutely adore storytelling photography (sometimes referred to as lifestyle photography) and capturing the things that your family loves to do.

We all have those silly games and quirks that somehow mesh into our daily routines. An example from my own family, a game my kids love to play is trying to push us in the pool which inevitably ends up with us pushing them in OR all falling in together. I'm not saying that you have to capture these silly games but they can certainly be built into your session if they are something that guarantee's smiles and laughter or have become somewhat of a family tradition.

Here are some fun ideas to ponder for in home sessions


  • Sunday morning pancakes
  • Kitchen sink bath with bubbles and all
  • Coffee and cuddles on the bench
  • Eating ice creams

Living room

  • Playing on the couch
  • Reading books on the couch
  • Pillow fight
  • Sitting on the ground by the window
  • Playing with curtains
  • Leaning against the doorway


  • Jumping on the bed
  • Tickles on the bed
  • Pillow fight
  • Reading a book


  • Mud kitchen cooking
  • Trampoline
  • In the pool
  • Hanging out the washing
  • Playing with the hose/sprinkler
  • Collecting flowers/rocks/gems with baskets
  • Swing set or monkey bars

Elli has an incredible gift at capturing the magic of the moment, make us feel comfortable to be ourselves, directing us to get original shots that suit our family and having us all walk away loving the experience.

There is no one else I would ever have take our photos. Elli has us as clients for life. Thank you Elli


EHP Maternity Sessions

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- 45 - 90 min photo session with Elli
- In home location
- Access to all prep guides
- Session fee of $200
- Online gallery of 60+ images to purchase from

Digital + Print Collections start at $490 with most families investing $990.

The process

Book and prep

Get in touch via the contact form or book directly online here. The $200 session fee secures your date. Then the fun starts where we plan the location, timing and outfits with full access to all of my client guides.

the session

We chat in the week leading up to your session and then again on the day. This allows for any wet weather changes and to confirm the details. We meet at the chosen location and have a fabulous time making memories together.


Your gallery is delivered 2 weeks after our session together via an online zoom meeting or emailed links. You will first view a slideshow of your images followed by the private viewing gallery where you can make your selections.

Choose and print

Choose the images that you absolutely love and cannot live without from your gallery and align these to a package. Use the print store voucher to order tangible keepsakes for your home.

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