Preparing for your newborn session.

Feeling a littler overwhelmed about where to start when gathering information for your newborn session? Well, that used to be me too! With each of my babies I felt immense pressure to document the precious newborn phase, which, let me tell you extends beyond 10 days. Of course with a camera in hand I could capture moments here and there but I want to help you feel at ease with whatever path you choose. There is so much pressure to have your baby captured within the first 7-14 days of life but to be totally honest with you, babies captured at any age are gorgeous and most importantly, do it at a time that feels good for you and your partner. If you guys are relaxed the rest will flow. As baby comes out of the slumber of the first few weeks, it is true that they can be more alert and awake but with patience, the right techniques and a whole lot of love we can capture all of those newborn details no matter the age.

There are two main types of newborn photography - studio and in home. Traditionally, studio photography offers the very posed and more structured images often going for anywhere between 1 and 4 hours. The in-home style is more relaxed and documentary like, capturing things the way they are in your home. I do offer both types and moreover, I can bring a studio style set up to your home with a posing bag, backdrop, blankets and my trusty shusher and heater. Aside from the fact that I lug in 2 suitcases and a crap load of stuff into your lounge room, the great thing about this is that you really get the best of both worlds. We can break your session in two and have half studio style and the other more relaxed and candid within your home environment. In home sessions will always have my heart as they truly capture your family legacy from all angles and we get to see what love looks like in your home.

One recommendation that I do like to make is that if it is possible, schedule your newborn shoot for a morning session rather than the afternoon. And, in the morning it is best to just do what you usually do. If your little one is having a particularly unsettled morning, then sometimes a calming, warm bath can help. You don't need to worry about keeping baby awake before the session as this can sometimes backfire with an over tired bub. Likewise with feeding, just do whatever feels right to you. If your sweet babe uses a dummy this can be helpful throughout the session to aid with settling but no stress if you are not going down that path!

As you probably know by now, my style of photography is candid, natural and heartfelt. This allows me to authentically tell your family story through the power of emotive imagery. My newborn sessions usually go for 45 mins to 2 hours and the time frame is dependent on bub and allows me to get a wide variety of photos. Usually I start with the whole family together, then each member of the family with the latest addition and then lastly, solo baby photos. Now, this is one for the tradies, but please know that your hands will be in a lot of photos so for the lads that might mean a bit of a scrub up the morning of. And speaking of what will be in the photos, please feel free to include any sentimental items such as baby blankets, toys or that cute knit that grandma made. Lastly, please make sure you have alternative outfit options available for all family members including baby and that baby is dressed in enough layers even in the heat of summer! I have a 'what to wear' guide if you are stuck for outfit ideas.

That's it! I hope this has helped to put your mind at ease and that you will walk into your newborn session feeling prepared and relaxed. I am already dreaming of the magic we can create together! I am so passionate about allowing us, as mothers to be seen and exist in photos so for you, my friend, that starts here!