Soaking up that precious time before two become three

There is just something so magical about the days and weeks before welcome your first baby. Something that you can't quite grasp at the time because you don't know what is on the other side (so to speak) but always looked back on with a warm smile and tender heart.

I was thrilled to welcome these two love birds into the studio on a rainy day a few weeks ago. Initially I was nervous about photographing with such an overcast day but of course natures soft box (the rain and clouds) provided the most beautiful, soft light. And on top of that, Erin, mumma to be was an absolute champion at 38 weeks pregnant and glowing in front of the camera. See what I mean below.

How to achieve variety in a studio maternity session

I like to incorporate a few different options in order to achieve variety in a studio maternity session. Firstly, through the client wardrobe we can achieve many different looks. I have a variety of dresses and two piece sets in my client wardrobe available for all studio sessions including brands such as Hazel and Folk and Opia Byron Bay. Most mums to be choose a two to three options to change into throughout the session. I absolutely love the way this mum rocked a black two piece set. We often get roped into choosing lighter colour tones and neutrals but I love the symmetry of this outfit with Erin's hair and likewise the contrast of the black outfit with my white studio space.

Secondly, I always do both couple photos and photos of just mum. Couple photos are super sweet and my all time favourite prompt is to ask the partner to trace their favourite baby name onto mum's belly and see if mum can guess. This always results in some precious eye contact and laughing. The photos of just mum are all about showcasing that bump and getting mum to lean into her power.

Props are yet another option in my toolbox. In this session I used a variety of different chairs to achieve different looks as well features of the room such as the doorway, curtains and a floor mirror. Lastly, different camera techniques come into play with these sorts of sessions too. My all time favourite is using the slow shutter speed to either show movement in the outfit (mostly beautiful flowy gowns) or in hair. I also love having the couple do a little dance and twirl and capturing the movement there. Shooting through greenery, flowers, sheer curtains, lace or sheer stockings is also a go to for me. Particularly with maternity sessions as I find that the softness of shooting through something brings to the image just sums up motherhood and in particular the birthing journey so well.

Check out some of these ideas in play below....

It can feel a little scary

Sometimes, couples booking in for maternity photos haven't had any professional photos taken EVER before or the last time they may have experienced them could have been their engagement or wedding. I always like to remind myself of this prior to a maternity session and I always aim to set the scene of my studio space. I like to offer drinking water (cold & tap) as well as have some gentle tunes playing and the temperature just right. Prior to my clients arriving I like to burn some This Is Incense (Peppa Hart Electric Dreams is my fave) to have the room smelling fresh yet not overpowering.

Aside from all the physical things listed above, I myself bring a calm presence to the room. I like to welcome my clients in, let them know they can dump their stuff anywhere around the green couch or in the bedroom and really nestle in to the space. It is really only one side and corner of the room that I use for photos so the rest is free range. My kids like to pull the room apart on weekends if I am not photographing in there so I am very much used to resetting the room.

The Details:

Location: EHP Studio in Coolum Beach

Time: 9:30am

Weather: Overcast

Gear: Canon R6 with 35mm 1.4 lens + 50mm 1.8 lens