All things outfits.

Dressing yourself on an average day can sometimes challenging enough (especially with a hungry babe or hangry kids) let alone when you have to stand in front of a camera! If your nerves start to fizz when you think about what to wear, don't worry. This is SO normal. Before you hit the online shops at all hours, let's talk about what works and what doesn't.

The number one thing to remember is that being comfortable is everything! You should look and feel like yourself. So don't feel as though you need to make a new purchase. Go with something tried and tested. Something that you know moves with you and hugs you in all the right places.

Don't be afraid to incorporate fabrics that move and flow with you or the girls in your fam. Maxi skirts or dresses or those that have a good twirl to them. And don't overlook texture. I LOVE texture, You can add cosy warmth in the cooler months with delicious chunky knits and cords or broidery anglaise in summer.

The next thing to remember is to match your outfit to the location and season. Especially with kids. Warm kids are happy kids. Unless you have a spirited 2 or 3 year old who refuses a jumper like mine does. I feel you and sometimes it ain't worth the battle. And in that case we will keep them warm with games.

Lastly, colours. Aim for neutrals, earthy tones and feel free to add some metallic glam to reflect the gorgeous sunny glow we will capture. These colours compliment the outdoor environment almost anywhere you go and look damn fine as printed, framed photographs. And to clarify, by neutrals I don't mean all beige, I mean sky blue instead of royal blue and ochre instead of bright orange. For families it is best to keep your colour scheme limited in colours. Choose one person to wear a feature colour and everyone else's outfits to complement that. Similarly with patterns, best to stick with one person in a pattern. In a nutshell, complement each other, don't match each other!

Speaking of complementing... remember that colour wheel from art class? Maybe you have left that in the memory banks but it can be useful when planning what to wear in terms of colours that look good together and those, not so much. The examples below are analogous colour combinations in that the colours sit next to each other (blue and green) on the colour wheel and can be quite calming and soothing to the eye. You will also notice all the beautiful textures above too and how they can give extra depth to the images. Below are some examples of complimentary colours, and as the name suggests they complement each other and create visual harmony. Don't be afraid to layer up, especially in the cooler months. Or accessorise for that matter... hats, scarves, sunnies, jackets, wine, beers, pets. You name it, I'm down. Except watches... unless they are sentimental then best to leave them at home. I hope that has helped to clarify things and if not, drop me a line!